Night time sadness

Tonight Muffin was acting unusual. Extra hyper. It was also the first night he didn’t want to nurse before bed. He didn’t want to go to bed at all, but usually nursing calms him down, and I don’t think he’s ever refused it before, in any circumstance. He bit me, hard, on the first go, and I said “ow” rather loudly (natural reaction), so I may have scared him to try again. I don’t know. Before bed he rejected me to have daddy read to him, so maybe he’s just not in a very mommy friendly mood, though I have no idea what would prompt that. I’m just having a moment. A “my baby doesn’t need me” moment. But more than that, a “my baby doesn’t want me” moment. And, to be honest, it hurts. I probably just need to toughen up. Is this what beginning to wean looks like?

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Holy Excited!

Wow. Who knew things that seem so mundane are highlights of your life when your child achieves them? Case in point, we bought Muffin a potty. He’s only 15 months, so it was really just a chance for him to have it around and get familiar with it so when the whole potty training thing happened, it wouldn’t be so weird. So, we unpackage it, and he’s kind of playing with it, and I suggest we get him naked and put him on it. And… he totally pees in it! Now, this could very well be a coincidence, but I choose to believe my son is an awesome, genius, super toddler, who totally gets the concept of potty training already. I may have delusions on this, just a little. Now, to keep it up.

In other news, husband and I had date night last night. This is exciting because it almost never happens. We don’t have family in town to watch our little Muffin, so we spend most nights at home. And that’s totally fine, but every now and then it is nice to go out on the town. So, we went downtown, and checked out the 3 sweet treats event at my little cupcake. It’s 3 different small desserts; in this case a butterscotch blondie, a blueberry cheesecake cake pop, and a mississippi mud mini cupcake. Then, they have a wine pairing for each one. The wines that were chosen were awesome pairings for the desserts. And, maybe I’m a snob, but I love dessert/wine pairings. The wines were (in order) a clayhouse adobe white, a codorniu anna de codorniu brut rose, and an ascheri moscato d’asti. Yum! So, after our awesome start to the night, we went down to the JDK gallery, for a tattoo art show, which was pretty awesome. Then, we headed over to the whiskey bar, and had snacks and whiskey cocktails. I had a cocktail they called the Sugar Shack. It was maple whiskey (I forget the brand), mixed with simple syrup, lemon juice and ginger beer. It was really good. You could definitely taste the maple in the whiskey and it had a really pleasant smokiness to it as well. Husband had something with a St. Germaine base. For snacks, I had a baked goat cheese plate with crostini, a walnut honey pesto, a red onion jam and a piquant pepper relish. It was awesome. Husband got a scotch egg, which he had never heard of before, and thought was the greatest thing ever. Then, since we’re totally old people now, we went home. It was a really lovely evening though. And I’m really proud of myself that we didn’t resort to a standby, like going to the movies, for date night. Not that there’s anything wrong with going to the movies, I really enjoy it sometimes, but there’s fun to be had with thinking outside the box.

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I took Muffin to get a hair cut today. I researched a salon that cut kids hair, and one with good reviews. I felt confident in my decision. I didn’t want anything hard, just to cut his hair enough to get it out of his eyes. Maybe take a little off his nape. It didn’t go so well. Muffin was an angel; he didn’t fuss, he stayed still – dream client. For some reason the stylist decided I didn’t know what I was talking about apparently, because, for starters, she cut about 3 inches off his bangs. Then she proceeded to shorten the rest of his hair all over (I specifically said to leave the length everywhere else), and she oddly left it long over his ears (apparently it was too hard to cut with shears. Muffin pulled away from the clippers, so she gave up. UGH! I mean, it’s not that Muffin looks bad, or not cute or anything, it’s just that it was not at all what I asked for.

I guess I have learned my lesson, and we’ll just have to bite the bullet and drive to NYC when Muffin needs a haircut so that I can have someone I trust do it. Or, I need to learn how to trim his hair…

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Messy kisses

Muffin was getting ready to take his nap this morning, and we were lying in bed together. He had already nursed, and we were just having a silly moment; of him giggling, and me kissing him, and him tonguing my entire mouth area (toddler kisses). And, then, as he was awkwardly holding the other side of my face, with both his hands, and his arms draped across my neck, and his face nuzzled into my face and neck, he fell asleep. And I had one of those moments where I felt so incredibly lucky and realized I wouldn’t give up being a stay at home mom and getting to experience all those little moments for anything.

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Stranger Danger

Husband shaved off his beard yesterday. This has happened maybe 2 or 3 times since I’ve known him. This might have been the second time. Needless to say, Muffin has only ever known Daddy with facial hair. Daddy was in the shower finishing shaving; Muffin loves showers and wanted to get in, too. I undressed Muffin and lifted him into  the tub. He was fine, until he looked up and saw Daddy. He freaked out. I think he doesn’t recognize him and is seriously scared of him. He’s still not entirely keen on Daddy since the shaving incident. I’m not sure if he still doesn’t recognize him, or what, but it’s sad. It’s really upsetting husband (understandably) that Muffin won’t voluntarily come to him, or let him pick him up right now. And, of course, not to be selfish, but that puts more of the burden on me. Not that burden is necessarily the right word, but it is nice to have help with him, especially when I want to do something like take a shower. Of course, to make everything just a little bit more complicated, we’re out of town and living in a hotel for the week. So, our normal routines are out the window, basically. And, then, to find things to do to pass the time while husband is in training all day, when really, all I want to do is take a nap, since the bed in the room is not comfortable and I really didn’t sleep last night.

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Hello, neglected blog

Where does the time go? Yesterday it was summer, at least according to how frequently I update this. Oops. My mom just finished up a week and a half long stay with us. It was pretty wonderful, for the most part. Especially when she would feed Muffin breakfast and play with him while allowing me to sleep in a little. Amazing. Especially because he’s teething again. Of course. Teething is like my arch nemesis at this point, and it’s not even my gums that are being attacked. Poor Muffin, it’s his molars now, and they have definitely contributed to some rough, sleepless nights lately, for all involved.

Of course, my mom not only came up to help me get some sleep, she also babysat for us so that we could have a proper anniversary date. We did an overnight at the Essex Resort and Spa, after I snagged a particularly good groupon a while back. When we arrived, they wished us a happy anniversary, and told us they upgraded us to a mini suite with a fireplace and jacuzzi. Yey for off season, an incredibly nice staff, and it being our anniversary! They also had an assortment of cookies and hot cider in the lobby. And to top it off, one of the chefs was randomly making beignets, so we got some fresh donuts offered to us as well, and we obviously couldn’t say no.

We really went all out for our date night. We booked a couples massage at the spa and dinner in the on site restaurant, Amuse.  I had the pleasure of being able to enjoy the spa facilities and a lovely massage right after Muffin was born, it was a Christmas gift from the husband, and this time was just as relaxing and awesome as I remember it being last time. Then, to add to the already wonderful day we were having, my masseuse led us out to a table that was set up with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries after we were done with our massages. How awesome is that!? As if that wasn’t enough, husbands masseuse left a bath bomb for us at check out, so we were given that on our way out. Talk about getting spoiled!

Dinner was wonderful as well. Although I have some criticisms there. Blame my culinary background. (Side note, some days I really miss working in a restaurant). So, to start off the server brings over an amuse bouche. Fitting, considering the name of the restaurant, and a cute touch, that really makes the place feel classier. Luckily, we got a trio of carrot inspired bites: a carrot grande marnier cocktail (awesome!), a carrot slaw/salad, and carrot foam. For ordered food, I got their cheese plate, pumpkin salad and cauliflower latkes; basically everything on the menu that was vegetarian. Now, I’m familiar with cheese plates and like cheese, so I didn’t ask what cheeses were being served. That being said, the waiter didn’t tell me what they were when he set the plate down, which I figured was a pretty basic expectation. Even if he had told me what they were when I ordered, he should still tell me where they were positionally on the plate. So, a mark against the service there. Additionally, he should have told me the flavors of the seasonal preserves. A decent, if not safe, cheese plate though. The pumpkin salad was spinach leaves, whipped goat cheese, pepitas and a cider vinaigrette. It was expected, but solid. However, the menu did specify arugula as the greens, and no one mentioned the substitution of spinach. Not something that particularly ruined the salad for me, but again, another way I would expect more from the service staff. But, like I said, maybe my standards are too high because I worked in fine dining. My entree was actually my least favorite savory component of the meal. The cauliflower latkes were alright, but nothing special. The flavor was a little bland, and the latkes were a little soggy. Definitely not horrible though. The worst part of the meal, regrettably, was dessert. It’s the worst when dessert sucks, because it’s the last flavor in your mouth. Husband and I decided to share because we were both pretty full, and he wanted chocolate. The only chocolate option was a chocolate pate with winter fruit compote and biscotti crisps. First, the chocolate pate log was overly firm, and second it was full of raisins, which is completely unnecessary and didn’t add anything good to the pate in texture or taste. Then, the winter fruit compote consisted entirely of raisins. I mean, I would expect some raisins in there, but I would expect some other fruit as well. So, that was disappointing. Lastly, the biscotti were anise flavored, which I didn’t feel complemented the other flavors, and secondly, it wasn’t crisp at all. In fact, I’d say it was a little undercooked. All in all, not a winning dessert by any means. Still a nice dinner though, and I would go back again. Somehow, this post ended up being an unintentional culinary critique, so I’ll end it there.

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My nephew was born yesterday. I’ve seen only 2 pictures so far, which I’m disappointed about, but I guess that’s what I get for not living closer. He’s adorable, by the way. Muffin is doing well – still growing like a weed, and teething in a serious way. We’ve got the two bottom teeth so far. He’s definitely not taking a break though. He’s been a little fussier than normal, which is hard on me, especially at night, but probably my own fault in the long run.

In other news, today is my birthday. 🙂 Muffin made sure to wake me up nice and early this morning to make sure I knew he cares. Husband got me an awesome dslr camera for the occasion, which was super nice of him. I expect to take about a million pictures of Muffin within the next, oh, day or so, probably. I think there is supposed to be taking me out to dinner plans as well, but husband has not secured a babysitter, so it’s either going to be eating like old people as soon as the restaurant opens, or staying in, per usual, with the baby. I’m actually ok with either way.

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